Rack Surveys

In addition to providing new systems, Storage Systems Services in Dorset provides an excellent racking inspection service. Customers receive a detailed rack inspection report together with the rack inspection survey sheets clearly identifying rack damage and areas of concern. We also provide a racking repair service to compliment the rack inspections.

There is no doubt however durable storage systems are, day to day operations within warehouses or distribution centres will result in wear and tear to storage structures, which may ultimately render it unserviceable or unsafe. Structural damage, however small can result from small impacts caused by collisions with mobile equipment or from unintentional overloading of beams.

Rack Safety Surveys undertaken on a regular basis are required und current Health & Safety legislation (PUWER Regs 1998 – Provision Use of Work Equipment Regulations).The definitive responsibility for rack safety lies with the employer and carries significant legal liabilities in the event of an accident. Operating with damaged equipment significantly increases the risk of damaging previously stored products and materials, accidents and injuries to employees – often resulting in compensation claims and legal expenses, disruption to the operation and potential HSE fines from the resulting breach of statutory safety requirements.

The maintenance programme begins with establishing a schedule of regular inspections. This will identify key areas of concern and is followed by a full written report including if necessary drawings which includes recommendations for remedial work and advice on reducing the potential for further damage.