Pallet Racking & Shelving

Do you want to maximise your storage space? Would you like to handle products more efficiently? Do you need to manage stock rotation better or reduce the risk of damage to stored goods? Storage Systems Services are the Dorset specialists in industrial storage racking systems and shelving.

We Have Masses Of Experience In Pallet Racking And Pallet Storage Systems:

Narrow Aisle or VNA Pallet Racking

  • Can save up to 25% of floor space compared with conventional systems.
  • Can be operated by ‘Flexi’ articulated trucks or guided ‘VNA’ machines reducing aisle widths to a minimum.
  • Trucks can be guided by either rails or an induction system built into the floor.
  • Offer significantly faster operating speeds can be achieved compared with conventional trucks and the system can be built to a greater height increasing capacity

Powered Mobile Racking

  • Up to 80% of the floor area can be used for racking, compared with 30% using conventional systems.
  • Allows 100% access to storage locations.
  • Increased storage density means a reduction in the building footprint required providing considerable savings in building and operational costs.
  • In existing buildings valuable floor space for can be released for other operations.

Push Back Racking

  • Pallets containing the identical product can be stored up to 5 deep.
  • Loaded pallets are pushed to the back on inclined carts or rails and as each one is withdrawn the one behind is presented on the rack face.
  • High density storage using conventional trucks with rapid through put.

Conventional Wide Aisle Racking

  • Widely used for storing unit loads.
  • Adaptable racking assures 100% selectivity of every pallet position.
  • Store up to approximately 11 metres high using counter-balanced or reach trucks ensuring full use of the building height possible.
  • Aisle widths can generally range from 2.5 – 3 metres.

At Storage Systems Services we understand the need for cost effective and space sensitive storage solutions and because of this often necessity, we provide shelving, workstations and carton live storage for first-in-first-out stock rotation. All of our shelving and storage products are available supplied and fitted or supplied only.

With our free no-obligation site surveys and quotations, no matter how small or large. Our design or your design.  Storage Systems Services Team will design, supply and install whatever you require, Contact our helpful racking and shelving  team now for further  storage system information on 01929 550513